The Distance Between Us.

In March 2020, the world suddenly changed. 

I contracted Covid-19 ten days before lockdown and was housebound for 21 days as I fought to get better and stronger. When I had more energy to go for walks, some 5 weeks since my first symptoms, I felt as if I had emerged into a different world; the streets were deserted, supermarket shelves were empty, restaurants were boarded up, the skate parks were disused and the skies were the bluest I had seen since my childhood. 

I was missing taking pictures and meeting people and striking up conversations with strangers on the street - there was no one around and people were fearful.

As a street and portrait photographer, I like to be close to my subjects and I struggled with this distance between myself and them and the lack of that connection that I always looked forward to.

I never set out to document lockdown, only to keep trying to make photographs every day and to keep being creative whilst out walking with my children.

After five months without leaving the city, we were finally able to go a bit further, we needed to breathe fresh air, feel the sun on our faces and put our feet in the sea.

Here are my series of triptychs, taken during a time of social distancing and uncertainty.

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